Dark Pastel Visual Studio Theme

Since I’m pretty happy with the Dark Visual Studio Theme I’ve been rolling for a long time with I thought I’d share it with the wider .NET world so others can bask in the glow of an eye friendly dark theme when they’re doing their midnight code runs!

I’ve had it for so long that I’m no longer sure where it was originally based, but looking at Scott Hanslemans VS.NET theme gallery it looks like it’s a mix of Rob Conery’s TextMate and John Lam’s Vibrant Ink.
Over the years where I’ve felt the contrast could be improved, I’ve spiced it up with my own unique blend of colours from the pastel famiglia palette.

And since this theme isn’t complete without a name I’m calling it….

Dark Pastel

Here’s a code screenshot:

C# code screenshot

Some Web.config love:

Web.config screenshot

A splash of HTML:

HTML screenshot

And the all important download.