First day on the job, after 1 crazy week!

Wow what a week! it’s been an eventful one to remember: there are Rebellions overthrowing dictatorships in Libya, Earthquakes in Washington with tremors being felt in New York and hurricane Irene swirling around keen on paying us a visit anytime now. All this just setting the stage for the sad news I hoped not to hear for many more years with Mr. Apple (aka Steve Jobs) bowing out on top, relinquishing command as king of the tech world.

Meanwhile all this is happening I’ve undergone some radical lifestyle changes as well with just having just moved to the city of New York after a 2 month hiatus from programming, travelling the wrong way round the world from London. I’m now currently settling into my new apartment in Brooklyn whilst just having finished the first day at my new job after having joined the talented team at:!

My new, New York life is largely thanks to the opportunity I received from the eloquent Joel Spolsky. Which was pretty surreal in itself , given I’ve been following and enjoying his entertaining articles on his world famous blog since the dawn of my computing career >10 years ago!

My first call to action at StackExchange will be helping “Stand Up Matt” @clipperhouse and “Mad Typist” @JasonPunyon (my first impressions – sorry guys! 🙂 ) enhance the new StackOverflow Careers 2.0 site – Something I’ll be looking forward to as It’ll have the potential to help and reach a very large audience. This is in stark contrast to the standard enterprise developer positions I’ve found myself in over the years – developing custom backend solutions that are usually only destined to support a handful of people.

Day 1

With having survived Day 1 (and not having done much), the biggest change I’ve noticed so far is the view. Where back in London I had a quiet desk next to a peaceful, lifeless cemetery where on a winters day I’m greeted with a ghostly calming atmosphere:

In New York that image is a distant memory where sitting next to a window on the 26th floor, neighbouring skyscrapers hit you in the face:

Although this changes very quickly with the bit of rain today, you still get a ghostly picture but instead of snow tipped tombstones – it’s the city of New Jersey!

That’s about it for my first day, I’m told my second will be even better with some in-house Team StackOverflow beer festival on Friday to close off the week!