Full name Demis Bellot, I’m a seasoned developer who spends much time on the Internet and developing software, most of which lies behind the browser. Always striving for languages and tools in helping achieve the ‘perfect code’, In my mind that is flexible code with good design that is both quick to develop and can perform and scale well.

Current weapons of choice: C# / Visual Studio.NET / Re-Sharper.

Also currently active in:
– Ajax, Flash and Silverlight
– Python / Google App Engine
– Objective-C and the iPhone SDK

You can see some of my work as the lead developer of the following open source projects:

Service Stack – http://code.google.com/p/servicestack
A .NET framework for rapidly developing SOA like web services without any configuration or any RPC-style WCF service or operation contracts. Each service is immediately discoverable and callable via SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2, XML, JSON and REST style web services.

Ajax Stack – http://code.google.com/p/ajaxstack
An AJAX framework for developing pure AJAX applications like gmail or google maps. Development of your application is kept in logical order, i.e. HTML for page content, CSS for your website style and JavaScript forĀ  website’s functionality. The framework handles compiling your entire website into a single static JavaScript file that can be easily versioned and served from any web server.

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  1. using Class.js, right now the license on your AjaxStack library is GPL… I’d like to be able to utilize Class.js along with other js based code I have that is MIT licensed, and was wondering if you’d consider making the license for Class.js MIT. Also, if you consider it ok to use Class.js as a base for other classes that aren’t GPL, I’ll be fine with that, but would really feel more comfortable with a more liberal license for class.js

    • Hi Michael,

      Sorry its taking me long to reply to you, amongst the spam comments I’ve only just read it.
      I’ve just changed AjaxStack to use the more liberal ‘New BSD licence’ (to match the licence of my other google code projects).
      It should now be compatible with your MIT source base.

  2. Demis,

    Sorry to post it here but it seems that address demis@servicestack.net rejected my mail (actually recipient domain with error 550 550 #5.1.0).

    So …

    I’m looking for a library/framework which is lighter than WCF.
    servicestack.net looks promising and really attractive to me.
    But I have couple of questions and do not know where to ask them. Is
    there any public official group for discussing design/bug/questions?

  3. Hi
    I am trying to use the json deserializer in service stack. It seems to break when json contains quotes. This string cannot be parsed:
    var s2 = “{“name”:my name}”;
    doing this:
    var x4 = TypeSerializer.DeserializeFromString(s2);

    where X is:

    private class X {
    public string name { get; set; }

    If I remove the quotes:

    var s = “{name:my name}”;

    it works fine.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  4. Is there a history describing when Service Stack was first made available, and when specific features were added?