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The most promising Decentralized Finance [DeFi] projects.

DeFi projects are all over the place right now. Maker used to be the top DeFi project, but after its recent hack, it has lost quite some credibility. Additionally, numerous DeFi projects have cropped up and have taken a huge market share out of Maker.

These are currently all the DeFi projects that I know starting with the ones with the most revenue in 2020 annualized so far.

  1. SNX at roughly $20M
  2. Maker at $5M
  3. Kyber Network at $2M
  4. dYdX at roughly $1M
  5. Uniswap at $0.5M
  6. Aave at $100,000
  7. Bancor at $50,000
  8. Augur at $50,000
  9. 0x at $20,000
  10. Compound at unknown revenue (its color doesn’t show up). In fact, they don’t seem to be having any revenue in the near future.

However, there is also a second trend. Apparently, everybody is jumping on the Oracles bandwagon, which consists of

  1. LINK at a $3B market cap
  2. BAND at a $50M market cap
  3. TELLOR at a $13M market cap
  4. ZAP at a $1.3M market cap

If I were to put together a list of the best DeFi projects it would probably be SNX and Kyber Network.

However, Bancor and Aave have just done a 1,000% pump while having not much revenue at all, so revenue does not seem to mean so much (yet).

All in all, DeFi is new and it’s messy, but it’s also very powerful. Band, Tellor and Zap also seem to show promise, so it’s also worth having an eye on those.

Also, keep an eye out on Akropolis (AKRO), they are another decentralized finance protocol and have seen a strong increase over the last week as well.

We are currently seeing a real DeFi hype and no one knows when it ends, but it could end any day now, especially when stock markets or Bitcoin decide to dump randomly.

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